On 1 January 2011 the rules for the new discipline of Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs (RATG) were introduced.  The club decided to hold its first RATG trial on Saturday 8 October on the same day as our Restricted Obedience Trial and Championship Show.

Although RATG offers two classes, Novice and Open, we decided to hold a Novice class only for our first trial to gauge support for the new event.  We ended up with a bumper entry of 22 dogs in this class, with 20 competing on the day and six qualifying passes.

We are looking forward to future Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs.

Golden Retriever Club of Victoria

Retrieving Ability Test for Gundogs (RATG) Winners

Year No Novice Mrs Kate Eltringham Open Mr Noel Eltringham

13 August 2016

  1. D Vapp GOLDNFUR LITTLE MISS MUFFETT (Golden Retriever) 67 points NQ
  • followed by Kate's Encouragement award to Dr M Smith ALANGLEN GANEIDA (Labrador Retriever).

  1. G Eames LINDENLAKE CYPHERZOE CD NRD (Labrador Retriever) 90 points
  2. D Kelly T CH FERNFALL GALLANT TROOPER UD RRD ORA RA TSDX (Golden Retriever) 88 point
  3. S Burhop MAXIMUSPRIME CD TD (Associate) 82 points
  4. T Stevens BELBUN TARAZ MISS (Golden Retriever) 80 points
Highest Scoring Golden Retriever T CH FERNFALL GALLANT TROOPER UD RRD ORA RA TSDX Dodo Kelly
Year No Novice Mr David Hutson (10 entries) Open Mr Trevor Stevens (9 entries)

15 August 2015

  1. T Duff WALGEENS HUNTA (English Springer Spaniel) 93points
  2. J Walker WALGEERS TATIANA (English Springer Spaniel Bitch) 80 points
  3. Fyreside Knls CH FYRESIDE DOUBLE OR NOTHING CD RE TDX ET (Weimaraner Bitch) NQ
  1. K Winters CH ABETI EUREKA CD NRA (German Shorthaired Pointer Dog) 82 points
  2. C Bodilly ADDERSLOT BEATRIX (Labrador Retriever Bitch) NQ
  3. D Vapp ARANLANE SPRING MEADOW CCD RE NRA (Golden Retriever Bitch) NQ
Highest Scoring Golden Retriever ARANLANE SPRING MEADOW CCD RE NRA Dianne Vapp
Year No Novice Mrs Margaret Hall Open

8 October 2011

  1. Rod Watt FT CH WALGEERS OSCAR (English Springer Spaniel) 98 pts
  2. Helen Pownall WINTERSET BROKEN ARROW (Golden Retriever) 89 pts
  3. B & L Evertsen DUAL CH (T) EVERWEIS PARK XQUIZID CD TSD ET (Weimaraner) 87 points
(not conducted)
Highest Scoring Golden Retriever WINTERSET BROKEN ARROW Helen Pownall

RATG Training Day 20 March 2011