Questions you can ask the breeder:

  • Why do you breed your dogs?  What is your philosophy as a breeder?  (Every litter should be carefully planned and the breeder should be able to explain their reasons for breeding the litter.)
  • How long have you been breeding Golden Retrievers?
  • What breed clubs are you active in? (Membership in a breed club shows an interest in the breed, access to current breed information and a support network of other breeders.)
  • Do you show your dogs or compete in trials of any sort? (Competition also shows a depth of interest in the breed.)
  • What are some of the health issues and common genetic diseases in the breed?  (The breeder should have a good knowledge of the hereditary problems in the breed and be able to discuss and explain the diseases.)
  • What genetic/health certifications do the parents have?  Ask to see the original certificates.  (The breeder should be able to explain what the results on the certificates mean.)
  • Do you encourage prospective puppy buyers to visit and see your adult dogs and puppies?  Will the whole litter be available for viewing?  (Your puppy will take after his parents, so you need to be sure that his mother is friendly and sociable and she is a good example of the breed.  The puppies should also be friendly and sociable and look clean and healthy.)
  • Can I see the sire?  Or make arrangements to meet him?  (The sire should be sociable and friendly and be a good example of the breed.)
  • What information do you supply with your puppies?  (This should include a detailed diet sheet, registration certificate and pedigree and information on worming and vaccinations.)
  • How much will the puppy cost?  (You should expect to pay $1400 to $1600 for a Golden Retriever puppy (Sep 2013)).
  • Is a deposit required?  (You should only pay a deposit after the puppy is born and after you have visited the puppy.  You should get a receipt.)

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Questions the breeder may ask you:

  • Why have you decided on a Golden Retriever?
  • Have you any other pets?  
  • Have you any experience with owning and training a dog?
  • Is your property well fenced?
  • Where will the dog sleep?
  • Is everyone in the family happy about a Golden Retriever joining the family?
  • Do you have you a safe place to leave your Golden when you are away from home?
  • Who will be responsible for the feeding, socialising, and training of the puppy?
  • Do you intend to compete with your Golden Retriever in an activity such as conformation shows, obedience trials or agility?  Do you intend to breed with your Golden Retriever?
  • Have you any experience in the above (showing, trialling or breeding)?
  • Will you attend obedience classes with your puppy?

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